This Little Piggy…

September 13, 2012

Drawing inspiration from the child hood rhymes:
and an adorable stuffed pig with personality we have the makings of a series of fun little paintings.
This Little Piggy… 

So much potential subject matter to yield lovely simple little paintings that lend to great paint passages and expressive compositions.

This little piggy just wants to stay home and hide her head under the blankets.

This Little Piggy Stayed Home. 5×7. #2012_07_12.

Early morning light and deep shadows really helps push the composition.  The light both softens and warms up the compositional balance of negative shapes. A few more layers of paint composing the rounded feet and curly tail add just a touch of whimsy and dimension.

This Little Piggy Snuggled. 5×7 #2012_07_13

This little piggy wants to snuggle in the morning light with her favorite monkey.  Again the lighting and shadows help define the composition while a similar palette of warmer pink and cooler blue values establish the rounded forms of the plush piggy.

Five more minutes… 5×7. 2011.

Five more minutes was the first of this series.  So it is understandably a bit more simplistic.  However by changing the lighting, I ended up with a darker mood and value study.

These paintings are more color, light and compositional studies while really working through a new medium and discovering its various characteristics.   So these are just a few of a growing series of studies to work out.
I wonder what This Little Piggy shall do next?


July 15, 2011

Sassy Cootie. 6x6. 2001.07.15.

This is Sassy Cootie.

Thick paint gives definition and body to the toy cootie as warm light shifts to cooler shadows.  Because one cootie is never enough.  This 6×6 could be a sister study to Solo Cootie.  Check out the detail of her head to get a good feel of the paint application.

Sassy Cootie, head detail.



Wind Up Dino

July 5, 2011

Wind Up Dino. 5x7. 2011.07.05

Here is today’s study in the Toy series.

This one is for those that love extra thick expressive paint.

I applied the paint somewhat thicker since that seems to be the nature of painting without thinner or medium these days.  But i do like that it has grit and form to it.  However, something to remember, even us artists have our off days and others are just totally disconnected.

I spent most of the day trying to push the contrast to pop the dinosaur with complements (opposites on color wheel) thinking Blue Green’s complement was Red Violet.  What was I thinking? Its more like Red Orange.    That helps.

Sun Lit Box Turtle.

June 21, 2011

Sometimes, you get to second guessing what you see and how to paint what you feel.  This is one of those pieces.

Box Turtle. 6x6. 2011_06_21. updated*


After a brief rummage in the toy box, this is what I found to paint today!  Happy Turtle is a subtle play of compliments between yellow and violet.  When I mix the two I end up with a neutral  green shade that worked well for the turtle so I went with it.    This one will be ready to go in a few days for a sweet little deal of $60 + shipping.