Today’s Maters.

August 26, 2013

Today's Maters.  6"x6" ID#

Today’s Maters. 6″x6″ ID#

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Today’s Maters are today’s paintings.
This trio of tomatoes offer another chance to explore complimentary balance of cobalt and cadmium.  Though the ellipses and lighting tones of the plate proved a bit of more tricky.

Glad to have time to work through paintings again.
Need to acquire more produce to fill my bowls for new paint inspirations.

Summer Tomatoes!

August 25, 2013

Summer Tomatoes. 6"x6"   oil on panel.  ID#2013.08.25

Summer Tomatoes. 6″x6″ oil on panel. ID#2013.08.25

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Got to love the local farmers markets.  You never know what you can find.  Daily dose of vegetables leads to daily painting. 🙂  I have been waiting to paint these summer tomatoes since yesterday morning!  I love the subtle under tones of cadmium and thought it would be a fun contrast against my favorite blue bowls.

So after a few sketches and wipe offs, I settled into this birds-eye composition.   I focused on simplifying the shapes and layers to build up the depth.  While playing with the balance of the complimentary color scheme. Turned out nicely.

Tomato Trio.

July 6, 2011

Tomato Trio. 5x7. 2011.07.06

A spoon full of veggies can be more than just tasty!

Today’s painting is a 5×7  Yellow / Violet split complement study of a few cherry tomatoes from my sister’s garden.  The challenge of the subject was the somewhat transparency of the tomatoes when in the sunlight.   *Yellow and Violet are opposite on the color wheel.  When mixed together they create a variety of neutrals and help to emphasize the color contrasts between complements.

Time to go put my veggies together for dinner.