Starting Fresh

June 21, 2011

Here it is!

My long awaited blog is here featuring daily paintings, adventures and research.  My subjects vary from the playful still life to intriguing city scape exploring the balance of light and dark within each painting.

The goal is to create  5 new paintings a week.  I have completed 5 paintings in 7 days!  Woot.  Sorry, I had 2 days of non-painting, and 2 crash & burners, thrown in there for emergency family needs.  I will continue to post a new painting each day so long as life allows.

Blue Kitty 2. 5x7 2011.06.18

Orange / Blue spit compliment study. To purchase please click here.


Ren's Garden Strawberrys. 8x10. 2011.06.15

Green / Red split compliment study. To Purchase please click here.

Blue Kitty. 11x14. 2011.06.14.

Limited Blues study. To purchase please click here.

Reds & Yellows. 9x12. 2011.06.13

Dramatic Light, playful subjects. To purchase please click here.

Feel free to browse and comment on these.  Sales links are attached.  Future posts will be daily inspirations and creations.