Striped Sock Monster!

January 8, 2014

Attack of the striped Sock Monster on a cold winter day!

Striped Sock Monster 6x6 #2014_01_07

Striped Sock Monster 6×6 #2014_01_07

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Found: 1 lonely sock in our laundry with no mate.  It is all alone.
Stripe Socks! What better inspiration for painting today?

I really did have fun just playing with the patterns and shapes for this one. I am still trying to focus on looser play between shapes and shadows.  The colors were a bit challenging to get the warm colors I wanted.  I love the contrast of the stripes playing against the bright and cheery backgrounds.

I already have a few other ideas kicking around for the next painting.  🙂

Fresh Beets!

January 6, 2014

Fresh Beets!

Fresh Beets!  6x6 2014_01_06

Fresh Beets! 6×6 2014_01_06

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Best way to get your daily vegetables – paint them!
Today, I focused on simplifying my brush strokes to get more expressive paint movements.  I set up a cool shadow warm light sequence.  I pushed in loose lights with pure yellows to establish the brightness. Then loosely worked in my shape zones.

No I did not count every brush stroke.  I did focus on effective color harmonies and working with my larger 1/2 filbert brush.
I absolutely love this painting!   It feels so fresh and lush.

Today’s left overs – Cascarones!

Well what’s left from our weekend adventures.  My backyard is littered with a menagerie of colorful confetti.   At least I will have color back there when the sunflowers fade for the summer.

But it does make for fun painting.
So here is tonight’s play in paint and color.

Cascarones for Annie! 5x7 #2012.04.10

The confetti eggs are very vibrant but the challenge in painting them is figuring out a composition to feature the confetti inside.  I intentionally featured the traditional cardboard egg crate too.   Good thing I got pictures because I expect the last dozen will be cracked open tomorrow after school.

Yesterday’s Eggs!

April 9, 2012

What does one do with all the leftover eggs after the Easter egg hunt?
Well, paint them of course.

One of the reasons kids love to decorate and dye eggs are for all the colors that can be created with just a few dyes.
Then even more fun to hide, hunt crack and eat them.

Course I like to dye and decorate them too. But it’s more fun to paint them.
So here is today’s daily fun paint adventure with our leftover eggs.

Yesterday's Eggs 5x7 #2012.04.09

Definitely challenging trying to model the elliptical egg shapes as they overlap and their local colors reflect against one another.  The glass dish added another level of interest trying to depict it’s soft curves and reflections with out over painting it.

April Flowers

April 6, 2012

Wow, the Spring flowers are so vivid this year.  Which is quite amazing since we are still suffering from a severe drought here in Texas.

But I can still appreciate the wild flowers that pop up in my own backyard.  Still no private collection of Blue bonnets but quite a lot of wild Black-eyed Susan’s this year.
So before I push on though my spring I grabbed a few to paint.  This is my result.

Black Eyed Susans_5x7_#2012.04.06.

I intentionally went for a complimentary balance of Red-orange and Blue-violet and focused on a warm light cool shadow composition.
Not so bad for a morning with laundry, dishes and a 5 year old asking where the toy of the moment is.
Back to the Mommy mode.

Chapel Dulcinea, West view. 5x7. 2011.08.20

Well, It has been most of 3 weeks since I have managed anything worth claiming from my studio much less the opportunity to paint en-plein-air.  Today, I cheerfully took the drive out to the southern edge of our Austin hills here to explore the Chapel Dulcinea.  And it is a bit of a trek from the rocks north of Austin, with lots to distract along the way.

Chapel Dulcinea is a small open air chapel perched on the edge of the cliff.  The Spanish style stucco and roof tiles offer and old world contrast to the rugged hills of the central Texas. The walking paths tucked among the Chapel offer sweet spots to stop in the morning shade trees to take in the view of the open hill country that makes up the lower part of Travis / Hays county and the Edwards aquifer recharge zone.  It is a favorite for hikers and bikers on most any day.

But today I am all packed up and ready to explore with paint!

Painting on site today with my EasyL.

I am glad I stuck with the plan.  Find the perfect shade spot, sketch quickly. set up my EasyL, layout palette, mix values, and paint.  I managed to finish this sweet little gem all before the sun was high in the sky.  I can’t wait to go back for a sunset!

In the Mist. 18x24. 2011.07.17 *Available at Abbey's.

*** Sneak peak for August show.

I am here doing what I know best. Painting.

So I set about finishing larger pieces today.  This one in particular.  I knew it was close but needed more atmospheric development and depth.    So I worked, mixing, matching, adjusting paint values and hues.

This is a subject / composition I have wanted to revisit for several years now.   So I finally got around to painting it for my next exhibition of landscapes.  The original study was much smaller and simpler to achieve in a moment of painting clarity. The small image is just a teaser.  Larger means more problems.  The challenge was going back and figuring out what I had done and refining it. I started this one in June.

All the while I hear my son’s voice in the background narrating different action sequences for his speed boats or singing along to his favorite cartoon. Mixed in with the occasional skipping feet to see what I’m painting or solving his puzzles next.  We have a system.

The irony of his youth is that he still retains clarity when he looks at my art and what is really there.  Today he enjoyed critiquing or “schooling” me as I worked on this last painting.

Mommy's critique.

Turns out he was spot on too.  I’m not surprised since he knows his colors. And I mean more than the 16 count crayola box.  He wants the real stuff.  Yeah, It’s getting harder to keep him contained to his paint and brushes.  So we shared color mixing and matching today.  He had a ball.  In the midst of all his play time we worked out the painting.   I came back to finish the details I needed steady hands for after he went to bed.

This will be on display at Abbey’s in Georgetown for the month of August.



Austin Alley 2. 12×9

July 12, 2011

Austin Alley. 12x9. 2001.07.12 (in progress)

Well I suppose Austin wasn’t built in a day so a painting of Austin might take more than a day to finish as well.   This is a subject I am revisiting for an upcoming art show.

Its almost there.  Just a few more touches on the right side building and clean a few edges here & there.  The challenge is in presenting the darker fore ground in readable shapes against a lighter background and straight buildings that are actually on shifting hills here. :/

Austin Alley 2 is taking on a much thicker life this time round an attribute of painting with the Artisan Oils (water solubles).  However part of the baine of most city scenes is alluding to correct perspective and keeping my lines clean.    Mrphhh. Not so very easy with thicker paints even with the palette knife.

But I’m wiped, my palette and  brushes are clean for the night. So I’ll live with it for a few days & see where it grows.