Upside Down Reflections

June 25, 2011

Upside down Melon. 4x6.2011.06.25

Right side up, I’m Definitely all upside down today.

So the challenge this week is painting upside down.

Yes, I painted this upside down see below.  The trick was simplifying the shapes and getting correct value changes.  Something I can apply to painting reflections of creeks and water surfaces.

Upside Down. 4x6. 2011.06.25

Check back tomorrow for more.

Today’s Stack, Red Cup. 10×8, Oil on canvas.

Today's stack, red cup. 10x8. 2011.06.20.

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Here is today’s:  Balance Challenge.

Part of my new goal for 5 paintings a week is to work on the weekly paint challenges featured on daily paint works.  I am starting to loosen up a bit more to just let the paint express what shapes I see in my subjects and forms.   Tomorrow brings new challenges.