Paint the Exciting!

October 23, 2015

– Realization #1 

My recent painting retreat sparked a new creative energy.  More to the point it has spurred quite the internal thought process even while away from my easel and studio.  Just what I needed.   Typically, in an academy settings I would share my enlightenment with fellow artist.   But instead I am sharing my thought process and perspective here, lucky you.

North view from Dutch Mountain, Llano Cnty.

East view from Dutch Mountain, Llano County.

So back to my internal musing.

While away on my painting retreat. I was lucky enough to witness the changing colors as the sun passed over the granite hills and boulders.  I found myself giggling at the joy of the immense beauty of Llano county even in a drought.  That night I stepped outside under a hushed canopy of tree tops and cicadas to see the blinking of the night stars transform into a swirl of the twinkling milky way.  I gave myself permission to just BE a part of it all.  I could choose to paint. I could also choose to just watch the colors change.  I did not need to feel overwhelmed or pressured to choose the one great painting.  I could and should enjoy painting a thousand paintings instead.  Each one would be different.  If I managed to capture a small part of the fantastic beauty, I was successful.

I resolved to paint what EXCITED me.

I chose to paint that which invited me to pick up my brush and mix my paints.  I could capture the play of lights as they carved into the boulders. For me exciting was painting the flow of energy from light to dark, through the shadows and down sun-kissed edges.  The collection of patterns and shapes reflect and capture the EXCITEMENT and energy found there in nature.  If the light changed, I could stop and revisit it later.  There was no need or pressure to force a painting.

20151014_114012 East view boulders Dtch Mtn

East view boulders Dutch Mountain. 6×6

The Exciting subjects offer an unspoken challenge to just BE, to absorb, observe.  Somewhere along the way, it becomes a dynamic dialog within me and my subject, the composition, the patterns, color palette and values.  Sometimes it begins to paint itself.

So Paint the Exciting!

One Response to “Paint the Exciting!”

  1. this is definitely working for you! wonderful painting!

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