Georgetown, On the Square!

September 25, 2015

Back to painting square by square ~ On the Square!

On the Square. Aubin Buliding.  6"x6"  #2015_09_19.

Aubin Orange, On the Square, Georgetown. 6″x6″ #2015_09_19.

Last weekend, we were invited back to Georgetown, TX to paint more of the the historical buildings by the Heritage Society.  As I mentioned in earlier blog posts Georgetown proper was founded in 1848!   That adds for a lovely collection of architectural blending of old and new.  This time as I walked the square I was drawn to a vibrant aged red brick building nestled next to one of the first buildings.  Behind them was the top spire of the county courthouse.

I have probably walked past that spot a handful of times. Occasionally, even snapped a few pics of the buildings thinking that would make a great painting. I have though to myself, “Oooh, that could be interesting for composition.”  However, the timing, light, location and energy didn’t fit those times.  But on that September morning, the light and the shadows offered plenty of opportunity to play with my paint.

I knew my light would change soon so I opted to stay within the smaller 6″x6″ square.   I quickly washed in a few loose oil sketches to get an interesting composition. Then pushed in violet shadows and added loose color spots on a panel.  Before long it was well underway.  The Aubin building offered vibrant orange to balance against visual textures of the older stone building, voluminous clouds and cooler violets of the shadows and distant dome.

I feel that some places are always paint-able, some more than others.  But you have to look and listen to your subjects for all the pieces to fit to best capture the ambiance of the scene.  With in a few hours, I was pretty sure I could not improve the painting.  So packed up my gear and brought it home to put my finishing details in with a steady hand.

I am very pleased to have captured a square of the Square surrounding such a place rich in history.  Next week it will be displayed in part of the Heritage Society exhibit as part of the Heritage awareness month with an artist reception on Oct. 1st.  I plan to have a few other Georgetown gems for show then too!

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