Oil and Water do Mix!

December 3, 2011

Yes, Oil and Water do mix to create beautiful and many vibrant color combination.

Today’s adventures prove just that.

I braved the wet weather to venture back to historic to Lockhart’s Dicken’s Christmas.  Lockhart is just south of Austin and is a quite little town that offers a lot of charm in building architecture and people.

Historic Lochart buildings. Veiw from square.

It is a bit special to me since I spent many summers there as a kid.  Everyone was gathered for holiday festivities.  Yes, it is a bit miserable when its cold and wet.  No I’m not comfy in cold, I am a southern child after all. For a few moments I actually saw promise of sun this morning.  I welcome the rain, we need it here.  I need to paint too. The two will have to fair together sooner or later.

The challenges of painting in the wet weather can be numerous, but not insurmountable.  First, dress accordingly, in layers for temp changes, pack extra sweaters.  Writs-lets or gloves with open fingers work well for painting with warm hands.  *helps control brush longer in cold weather.  Some dry fit suits have pockets for hand warmers.  Don’t forget your hat, even for rainy seasons, it really helps cut the glare from other reflections.  Try to find an awning out of the wet and wind.  Lastly, work quickly, winter weather can change quickly too.  Take lots of reference photos.

An interesting observation for cold dreary (wet ) days –  lights and colors sparkle!  The wet contrasts against the more neutral grays common to mist and suddenly the buildings warm up and become new again.  The winter mist helps to soften distant edges and sharpen winter color changes.  All lends to excellent conditions for great paintings.

I start with my usual set up of sketching my choice spot, lay oil paints, then work out a hue and values to match. Rough in a value paint sketch and then add my color.  The water soluble oils work just as well as in the wet.  I like that it’s easy to get more water if needed, though it might take a bit to fill up any other containers in a slow drizzle.

All in all, I managed to come back with a colorful little jem today, too.

Lockhart Jewel. 2011_12_03 5x7

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