Hot Color Flows.

October 4, 2011

Glass Blowing!  A new love in art for me.

First Blue Glass!

I have always been drawn to admire elegant glass pieces with striking colors swirled through them.  Learning to create glass work has been on my list for quite some time now.  (Almost as long as I have been painting.)

So for my birthday this year, my sweety, found a glass blowing class for me and made the arrangements.  I got my first taste this weekend, oh boy, that’s Sweet!

setting jack line

I have learned and tried a lot of art processes besides painting.  Clay, carving, college, printmaking, drawing, embossing, fiber art, iron pour, paper making, photography, sculpting, and welding.   But few come close to eclipsing my love of color and paint.

Glass blowing is like suspending liquid color in a solid state. I could sit and stare at glass for hours watching how the colors change with the time of day.  Simply noting how the transparent layers of colors affect one another to create new patterns and movement as they swirl in the sun light.  I also find great joy when considering how to paint colored glass to capture the reflections and light changes.

WoW!  It is so cool to start with a hot 2000 degree lump of nothing and create something so simple and elegant in just in a few minutes.  Watching the glowing glass shift and form as it is rolled and manipulated int to a cylinder, bubble or form is mesmerizing.  It truly becomes a delicate dance balancing yourself the artist, glass, fire, and the forces of Earth.  (By that I mean gravity, centrifugal force, fluid dynamics, temperatures, and more.)   Or picking of broken shards recycled glass and fusing it into a glowing liquid form as it absorbs new colors.  It all about the anticipation of the way a piece will capture and reflect light tempered by wisdom and patience to let it cool.  And humbled by the natural faults and affinity of glass itself to seek its own form despite your push.

Forming the bulb.

adding color frit

forming the cylinder

opening glass

Glass blowing is not a simple process.  Respecting the medium while learning the limitations and boundaries of any medium takes decades.   One I hope I will have opportunities to explore more in the years to come.  For now I will find joy each morning as first light illuminates my first creations of liquid color.

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