The light on Chapel Dulcinea.

August 20, 2011

Chapel Dulcinea, West view. 5x7. 2011.08.20

Well, It has been most of 3 weeks since I have managed anything worth claiming from my studio much less the opportunity to paint en-plein-air.  Today, I cheerfully took the drive out to the southern edge of our Austin hills here to explore the Chapel Dulcinea.  And it is a bit of a trek from the rocks north of Austin, with lots to distract along the way.

Chapel Dulcinea is a small open air chapel perched on the edge of the cliff.  The Spanish style stucco and roof tiles offer and old world contrast to the rugged hills of the central Texas. The walking paths tucked among the Chapel offer sweet spots to stop in the morning shade trees to take in the view of the open hill country that makes up the lower part of Travis / Hays county and the Edwards aquifer recharge zone.  It is a favorite for hikers and bikers on most any day.

But today I am all packed up and ready to explore with paint!

Painting on site today with my EasyL.

I am glad I stuck with the plan.  Find the perfect shade spot, sketch quickly. set up my EasyL, layout palette, mix values, and paint.  I managed to finish this sweet little gem all before the sun was high in the sky.  I can’t wait to go back for a sunset!

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