Giving Time…

August 6, 2011

Sometimes we need to take time to give time back.

Today’s plein air paint out was again planned for a great spot here I have been wanting to visit.  It was also Open House at my son’s school.  I volunteered to help out with face painting.  Unfortunately, despite our technology advancements, we are still unable to clone our selves or occupy two places at the same time.

So, today, I traded my oils in for more friendly paints and quick line up of fun shapes.  I may have spent the day painting faces or arms, but it was just as demanding.  Ironically it requires the same basic concepts of setting up for my small quick studies when in the field.  Identify the basic simple shapes and reduce to 2 -3 values max. Oh, and fast drying paint is a key part to keeping it clean and effective. All painted on a small child who can’t wait to see what magic you can create from a little wet paint and a single #2 round brush.

Violla! you have a happy smiling kid ready to check out the next cool project or game.  Not bad for three hours of play and being a number of years since my last round of face painting.

I wonder what tomorrow will offer.

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