Its all in the details..

July 31, 2011

Checking them twice, measuring 3 times to be sure it’s all correct. recount, resort, pack up, deliver.

Yes, I have been hiding under my rock trying to prep, frame, count, finalize and deliver for the next few art shows I have lined up here. Call me lucky or insane, in a few weeks, I some how landed more than 1 show in 3 months.  Which is incredibly awesome but requires quite alot of planning, pre-planning and coordinating time lines. Add into that the daily life mix of house & home and you get a bit side tracked.  I have not had much time to actually pullout a fresh new painting.  But I have managed to sign and finalize many that were in painting limbo over the past 2 weeks.

Finding space to lay out and coordinate pieces to a working group of paintings is another unshared process.  My studio is all out disaster zone, how did it get so undone. And that’s just the part of the details here.

Sorting finsihed paitnings.

You see there are a lot of details that need tending after a painting is done.  Meaning it does not require any additional touch ups or corrections. It must be signed, varnished or sealed (if time allows), photographed, inventoried, cataloged in the database, and then sorted into subject bins for future show selections.  Then potentially framed as well depending on the target gallery or competition.  And of course we must not forget the all important contract agreements and time lines.  All of that takes loads of time and patience, let alone the presence of mid to set up a credible system. Well, mine works, but It could be soo much cooler if I had loads more time to learn program & scripts to create the tracking system I really want.

Once you get the go ahead for a show, you still have to finalize a clear record of what you are submitting, plus pricing and labels. All of the office details and paper work is a critical part to staying on top of it. Here I am a week later, And I am just a bit closer to the end of the tunnel I hope. All that requires a heap load of faith that at some point you might break even and actually cover the expenditures to put your work out there.   Apparently there is no “magic sales” formula to getting the art sold.  It all comes down to how much some one likes it.

Then there is the required packing, delivery and hanging of the art and any additional printing or publications required for it to run smoothly once it is all up.

Small show loaded.

So next time you are strolling through a gallery or art venue stop and consider the following:

  • How much does the cable guy or electrician bill you for when he comes out for an hour of service let alone for a full day or week?
  • How much do you spend on “limited entertainment”?  Movies, concerts, amusements parks for a day.
  • How much did you spend on your TV/electronics  or shoes budget?

It’s all in the perspective.

  • How much quality time really went into getting the art piece out for you to see, to take home and enjoy for a life time.  It does not require batteries, watering, or other maintenance.  Just hang it up and enjoy, Tadah!

So make plans to visit a few galleries this month and find something special too!


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