In the Mist. Mommy’s Critique.

July 18, 2011

In the Mist. 18x24. 2011.07.17 *Available at Abbey's.

*** Sneak peak for August show.

I am here doing what I know best. Painting.

So I set about finishing larger pieces today.  This one in particular.  I knew it was close but needed more atmospheric development and depth.    So I worked, mixing, matching, adjusting paint values and hues.

This is a subject / composition I have wanted to revisit for several years now.   So I finally got around to painting it for my next exhibition of landscapes.  The original study was much smaller and simpler to achieve in a moment of painting clarity. The small image is just a teaser.  Larger means more problems.  The challenge was going back and figuring out what I had done and refining it. I started this one in June.

All the while I hear my son’s voice in the background narrating different action sequences for his speed boats or singing along to his favorite cartoon. Mixed in with the occasional skipping feet to see what I’m painting or solving his puzzles next.  We have a system.

The irony of his youth is that he still retains clarity when he looks at my art and what is really there.  Today he enjoyed critiquing or “schooling” me as I worked on this last painting.

Mommy's critique.

Turns out he was spot on too.  I’m not surprised since he knows his colors. And I mean more than the 16 count crayola box.  He wants the real stuff.  Yeah, It’s getting harder to keep him contained to his paint and brushes.  So we shared color mixing and matching today.  He had a ball.  In the midst of all his play time we worked out the painting.   I came back to finish the details I needed steady hands for after he went to bed.

This will be on display at Abbey’s in Georgetown for the month of August.



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