These Shoes…

July 16, 2011

Sexy Shoes. 7x5. 2011.07.16

Stepping out of the norm. These shoes are Sexy Shoes.

They are a favorite pair of mine.  These shoes are surprisingly elegant and beautifully comfortable to wear.  I’m a more practical classic kind of gal.  Comfort before style…at least when its my shoes and I have to wear them.  But these are elegant beauty and comfort. I’ll take them. Maybe I’ll paint them too.

The more elegant and simple the subject appears the  more challenging to paint.    And that’s before you even get to load up on color ranges.  The challenge in painting elegant shapes is in the complexity of the simplicity. Think about it.  Go ahead you try to draw a perfect circle or ellipse with only a pencil no other  gadgets. Then consider painting it in all the values to transform that circle into a sphere.

These shoes are a complex creation of spheres, cylinders, cast shadow, loops, light patterns and reflections.  Weee!!! “Jump in and push the paint” only works to a point.  An artist must know the shapes and value temperatures needed.  An artist must know how the paint will mix when applying it next to a wet area. All this and more to relate the subtle shifts in light and depth to create credible impression of the intended subject: my shoes.

So here is the painters “not so simple” version of elegant shoe theory, at it’s basic development.

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