Austin Alley 2. 12×9

July 12, 2011

Austin Alley. 12x9. 2001.07.12 (in progress)

Well I suppose Austin wasn’t built in a day so a painting of Austin might take more than a day to finish as well.   This is a subject I am revisiting for an upcoming art show.

Its almost there.  Just a few more touches on the right side building and clean a few edges here & there.  The challenge is in presenting the darker fore ground in readable shapes against a lighter background and straight buildings that are actually on shifting hills here. :/

Austin Alley 2 is taking on a much thicker life this time round an attribute of painting with the Artisan Oils (water solubles).  However part of the baine of most city scenes is alluding to correct perspective and keeping my lines clean.    Mrphhh. Not so very easy with thicker paints even with the palette knife.

But I’m wiped, my palette and  brushes are clean for the night. So I’ll live with it for a few days & see where it grows.

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