July 4, 2011

Ok, World.

I know you are waiting to see the next painting here, but my efforts have been divided the past few days between the cyber world, learning new programs, and striking out with mud pie paintings that are making me see double. Some times, literally.  I am updating my computer skills with a few necessary software programs.  But they are of course some what tedious in figuring out on my own.

As for the mud pie paintings… sometimes the right side of the brain just don’t talk to the left side that is responsible for mixing the correct value and translating the right shape.  Some times you have to take a time out.  No, I don’t like my own painters advice.  I need to do. I need to push back on the painting to get it right.  But that’s not always the right solution.

I plan to step back this week and go for a few more playful prospects, that is If I can get my toys subjects back from my son.

So this past week I have managed to get Esty set up for everyone wanting grab that little gem of a painting for their growing art collections.  I will also be adding direct links for each painting posted to my blog and many from my website. So take a moment and visit my shop!

AlexisMcCarthyArt Shop

Subject suggestions are always welcome. 🙂

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