Undo, Unpaint.

July 1, 2011

Well, world some days are just not paint days no matter how much paint you might mix on the palette.

All one’s efforts appear to dissolve the longer you “try to Fix It”.  Not to mention the growing quagmire of dirty paint and paint rags.  Best efforts generally start with a solid thumbnail . <check> Decide color scheme to establish a clear direction for any new paintings. <um, uncheck>.


Warm light, Cool shadows.  Nope.  Perhaps reverse it cool light, warm shadows. Nope.  Adjust mixtures?  More complements = more interesting grays usually does the trick quite nicely.  Ah, no. Not that either.  Lighter softer background to diffuse the light?  no. Scrape again, readjust values. Light, Shadow, form shadow, check local color,  Simplify. No, still no cup yet.

Well I was trying for painting a special cup today.  However, even the most recent adventure has resolved to be scrapped and or scraped for another try later on, alas no more paint today. I’ll admit I am one of the last artist willing to just walk away from a painting, much less a drawing quagmire without giving it a long run for resolving it.  But today has simply been a mess out there.  To gummy, thick and inconsistent paint value relations have seriously effected the ability to paint a once thought simple straight forward subject.

Ha, taunts the painting.  Come back another day, I shall still be here.  The ever constant challenging mathematical ratio of color, paint, and ratios to relate a illusion of light and shadow on canvas.

I suppose I shall go back to the machine and book to focus on learning the new and improved soft wares I have avoided for so long.  if all else There are always the chores..

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